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The entrepreneurial platform to help run your business

BEAMS Platform - Business Made Easy

BEAMS is a business enabler platform inspired by the burgeoning community of online entrepreneurs thriving during the global lockdown.

BEAMS is all-in-one banking solution made for the SME sector:

BEAMS is fully online, accessed via web and mobile app

Provides a simple, 

intuitive user experience

Maximizes Internet banking services that are more suited to SMEs

Since it is subscription-based, BEAMS services are designed to be more affordable. 

The business user only needs to subscribe and pay for the transactions it uses.

What if we can make life easier by providing the banking services that SMEs need and afford, all in the palm of their hand?


BEAMS Platform intends to eliminate all too familiar pain points experienced by start-ups and SMEs:

Sending invoices to 

their customers manually 

Reconciling payments of customers 

who paid through various means

Doing basic accounting tasks such as tracking income and expense

Going to the bank to open an account, apply for a loan, pay bills, send money 

Pay taxes and government 

contributions manually

Paying employees

using cash

Branded Domain Multi-Wallet

BEAMS: Made for your business

BEAMS is fully online, which means you can access this via web on desktop and via mobile app.

It provides a simple, intuitive user interface design, so you can expect a smooth experience using it. 


It offers services more suited to SMEs and you only need to subscribe and pay for what you use, making it more affordable for your business. 

BEAMS is best suited for any type of entrepreneur:


Micro Enterprises


Merchant-Customer Portals

BEAMS offers key business services leveraging on Internet Banking:

  • Account Opening (CASA & Loans)

  • Account Portfolio

  • Transaction History

  • SOA (up to 2 years)

  • Transfer to same bank

  • Transfer via Instapay/Pesonet

  • Bills Payment

  • Invoice Generation

  • eGov Payment

  • Mobile Check Deposit

  • MC Request

  • Checkbook Reorder

  • SPO

  • SME Checkout / Ecommerce Payments

  • Payroll

  • International Payments

The BEAMS result? Business Made Easy

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