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Grow your business with our platform today 

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We build digital customer experiences.

Telly Systems is a financial technology specialist that develops applications which enable customers, merchants, and partners to experience seamless transactions.

We manage your mobile app, API services, and platform infrastructure to readily serve your users.

Branded Domain Multi-Wallet

Be empowered with @yourbrand domain wallet platform.

Your customers will have their own @yourbrand Virtual Address wallet that they can use to pay and avail of your services via app. 


Create your own community of merchants who are able to accept payment from customers who use @yourbrand wallet.

Branded Domain Multi-Wallet

We help your enterprise grow revenue, increase transaction share, and enhance customer journeys.

Experience these value-added benefits:

Transaction Growth Opportunities

Our platform delivers products and microservices that can help increase new revenue channels.


Critical Insights

Unleash the power of data to unlock analytics, helping you build deeper customer journeys and expand your business using new rails.



Experience payment innovations focused on your unique customers to foster better digital experiences.



As a partner, Telly Systems engages with you to effectively build your business and your relationship with customers.



Our platform provides compliant and secure payment products and microservices that offer value to your customers and stakeholders.

Perform simple, easy, and quick transactions

with our Payment Engine.

Whether by cash, bank account, or @yourbrand wallet, your users can easily do instant transfers,
collect money, or perform other @yourbrand services.

Built into the Payment Engine are financial switch applications that enable digital and interbank multi-wallet capabilities.

The platform facilitates an online mobile user experience, taking full advantage of Multi-Factor Authentication and state-of-the-art cloud security services anchored on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Merchant-Customer Portals

Merchant-Customer Portals

From reports to customer support, our portals offer tools for you to easily manage your merchants, customers, and payments!

@yourbrand Platform

Admin Tools

Perform admin management and customer support of the community of @yourbrand customers.

Merchant Integration Credentials

Enables you to connect to existing and additional payment checkouts using Pay by Virtual Address.


Admin Tools

Track sales and customer transactions, perform transaction activities, and download reports.

Merchant Settlement

& Reconciliation

Enables final reckoning of sales proceeds and transaction fees with multi-wallet and bank source settlement & reconciliation.


Telly Systems is an IT company under Indivara,


the holding company of a group of leading IT companies in
Indonesia and other countries in the Southeast Asian region.

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